Skin Blitz Pre Wedding Skin Prep

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Get your skin into fighting shape with our Skin Blitz Skin Prep plan designed to commence 6-8 weeks prior to the big day.

Begin with a course of 4 AHA Peels or Microdermabrasion combined with LED Light Infusion.
The combination will gently resurface the skin whilst the light will rejuvenate, plump and help to regenerate healthy, glowing skin. These should be performed 1-2 weeks apart, depending on your skin.

Following the course of Peels/ Micro/ LED, we recommend our Hydro Peptide Facial combined with a gentle, brightening Peel, combined with Oxygen Infusion. This facial will leave you looking, plumped, hydrated and simply glowing. This final Pre Wedding Facial is best performed approximately 3 days prior to the big day.

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