Do You Have Embarrassing Questions Related To Bikini Wax?

Ladies, bathing-suit season is around the corner and this means that you need to prepare yourself to get rid of the bikini line. To avoid any problems, it is better that you start looking for a solution right now. Whether you choose laser treatment, waxing or any other long-lasting hair removals treatment, it is high time that you get out from your procrastination mode. If waxing is your ultimate choice, then here are some questions and concerns that almost every woman looks for an answer to but is hesitant to ask around.

How do I avoid ingrown hairs?

Do you feel that even exfoliating and using salicylic products are not helpful as there are always bumps? Well, waxing on regular basis is the right solution. This is how you reduce the chances of getting ingrown hairs. Sometimes, clothing like leggings and jeans increase the chances of ingrown hairs. Tight clothing plays a pivotal role in causing unsightly bumps because they tend to compress the hair against the body. This is how the hair curls back into the follicle. You must try not to shave the area to the maximum. If this is something you cannot avoid, what you can do is to exfoliate the area before you shave. However, you must never use a dull blade.

How long should I wait between bikini waxes?

Generally wax lasts from three to six weeks. However, for summers, you need to start early so that your hair are on a waxing cycle. Once you get the waxing done on regular basis, the span between the two waxing sessions will increase. This is because the follicle becomes weak as you wax frequently making it easier to remove hair. If you stop waxing as winter approaches, you basically reverse all the work that waxing has done in summers. If you have recently started bikini wax, it is better that you look for a salon that offers ‘touch-up’ services. This is really helpful when you are transitioning your hair growth pattern from shaving to waxing. There are some people who head towards the beach right after waxing. This is not the right approach. Always apply sunblock cream to the area before you expose your skin to the sun.

How can I make my hair grow out better?

You must always keep your skin hydrated so that it remains healthy. If you have dry skin, there is a high chance for your hair to break at the root when it is removed. Therefore, you must be drinking lots and lots of water so that your body remains well hydrated from inside out. You can also use any good moisturizer on the area that you want to get waxed for a few days before you seek waxing service from a salon.

How do I make the waxing experience less painful?

You must always choose a good salon for a bikini wax. Make sure that the staff uses all-natural, elastic wax. It is also advised not to drink alcohol beforehand. Alcohol makes the pores tight making it difficult to remove hair. Lastly, you must always stick to your waxing schedule!

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