Getting To Know Brazilian Waxing Techniques

Waxing has definitely become one of the most common and popular spa/salon services in the recent years. Basically, waxing is all about hair removal from the skin and keeping it off for quite a while. That explains why the common areas in the body where waxing is done are armpits, eyebrows, upper lip and the like. Many people choose waxing so they can have longer-lasting hair removal. If you have never done waxing before, here is a scoop on it that will help you get well prepared. Although waxing outcome is great, you should anticipate a little pain during the waxing session.

Getting prepared

Before you decide to do waxing, it is important to prepare yourself psychologically. Waxing is a process that involves pain. Therefore, if you are worried about the pain, you can use some painkillers an hour or two before the waxing appointment. On the waxing day, you should not apply any lotion on waxing areas. More importantly, do a nice exfoliating scrub on the area a day before the appointment. It is alright to use deodorants as they easily come off. Keep antiperspirants away when using deodorants.

Waxing frequency

You may wonder how frequent a person needs to wax after an appointment. When a person has shaved recently, it will practically take five days for the hair to grow making it necessary to shave again. With waxing, it is best to wait for nearly a month. Of course, it all depends on the growth rate of a person’s hair. In special cases or emergencies, you can go back for waxing after a period of three weeks.

Waxing expectations

In a spa or salon, your waxing attendant will clean and disinfect the area. Next, he or she will gently apply wax on the area and remove small areas of hair from your skin at a time. Usually, there are two types of wax used in a spa; soft wax and hard wax. A paper or muslin strip is used to remove soft wax whereas hard wax is removed without the strips. Essentially, hard wax is ideal for the armpit, face and bikini area. For large areas of the body such as arms and legs, attendants will use soft wax.

Pain and post-wax treatment

Waxing involves pulling hair all the way out. In that case, pain is guaranteed. When the roots are not pulled out properly, there will be minimal pain and minimal outcome. You would not want a bad outcome with less pain.  Actually, the pain subsides right away after the waxing has stopped. Although pain stops after waxing, the area remains sensitive. Therefore, it is important to avoid direct sunlight for at least 24 hours. The areas should not be scrubbed either. You can treat swelling and redness by applying a small amount of prescribed cream.

The waxed area is usually tender after waxing. You need to wait for the tenderness to subside before exfoliating in the shower. Exfoliating is an effective way for maintaining the area as it removes dead skin and reclogs skin pores. For the best waxing hygiene, you need to go to a qualified and licensed technician. Professional services will always give you great results!

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