1 1/2 hour Therapeutic Full Body Massage


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Have you ever walked out of a massage feeling like those knots & niggles that were giving you grief got little to no attention, even though you mentioned them when you first walked in? We have and that is why we stopped looking for a place that listened & created a place that did.

With design in mind, we want you to feel like you can walk through the door & tell us what areas you would like us to focus on. If your shoulders have been feeling tense & the knots in your back are making it hard to function we want you to feel confident that these areas will get the most attention during your massage.

With the stress that daily life often brings it’s important to sometimes take time out and rejuvenate your tired body and drained mind. It’s a must-have for today’s busy individuals. With our dimly lit massage rooms, beautifully scented oils and soothing ambient music it isn’t uncommon for people to drift off during their relaxation massage treatment. Rest assured, although we are able to target problematic areas, our gentle relaxation techniques will leave you feeling completely revitalised and a new sense of awakening will overcome your body and mind.

“Massage plays a vital part in our well-being, I love the indulgence of getting a massage, more to the point I love the benefits and how great we feel after receiving an exceptionally good massage” – Chloe

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