Body Revive Spa Package


Includes Steam, Body Wrap, Scalp Massage, Deluxe Facial, Hand, Foot Massage

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Our Body wraps at the Revive Skin Emporium consist of steam treatments which are carefully customised to your needs and for your skin type.

There are many benefits ranging from relaxation, revitalising and refreshing the body, detoxification and cellulite reduction and many more.

The potent addition of steam to your body treatment aids in the absorption of the nutrients and vitamins of our treatments and provides you with a cocoon-like warmth and comfort that simply melts away any stress and helps you relax while you enjoy the gifted hands of our professionals.

A Revive Skin Emporium Scalp Massage is based upon Ayurveda techniques and is deeply relaxing and invigorating. It is the ideal treatment for anyone who suffers with tension headaches, stiff and aching shoulders, eyestrain and general stress and anxiety.

Ours Practitioners use different massage techniques and acupressure points on the back, shoulders, neck, head and face to relieve pain and tension, encourage circulation and oxygen flow to the brain.

The treatment continues to a hydrating facial massage and re-balancing of energy-flow in the upper body.

The pampering continues with a luxurious Hand and Foot Massage.

Finish in the relaxation lounge with complimentary refreshments.

Allow 2 hours and 30 minutes

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