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Teen Skin Fitness Plan treats teenage skin conditions without stripping the surface of the skin, which is vital for long term healthy skin. Teenage skin needs to be treated gently without aggressive treatments and harsh skincare products which often lead to further problems with the skin.


  • Skin Consultation
  • Teen Skin Facial
  • Gentle Skin Peel and LED Treatment
  • 10% Off Skin Care Products

$125 per month- 3 month program ( normally $240) $375
$115 per month- 6 month program (normally $240) $690


T&C’s- Skin Fitness Plans must be paid up front in either 3 month or 6 month plans.

Treatments are not interchangeable within each packages as plans are targeted to treat each skin condition and provide the best possible results.

Treatments are performed monthly for best results, if not performed monthly results may vary.

We strongly recommend the appropriate homecare be used for best results.

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