Strategies You Can Adopt To Make Bikini Line Waxing Less Painful

Getting a bikini wax is a process that many people would want to go through, particularly if they are interested in showing some skin during the summer. However, the problem is that it is usually associated with varying degrees of pain. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to reduce the chances of getting it done and then regretting it. Some of these include:

Get it done by a professional

The process of waxing, whether for a bikini wax or any other reason, has to be done with the right technique. This is what you get when you work with a high quality practitioner, and it will most likely be less painful. In addition to proper technique, getting the waxing done by such a firm is also beneficial since they will try multiple ways to ensure that the pain is minimized.

Take an oral analgesic an hour before the procedure

Another strategy you can adopt is to take an over the counter painkiller 30 minutes to one hour before the procedure. It’s not wise to take it just before the procedure starts, since it will not have enough time to circulate through your system and reduce the risk of pain. Of course, you would need to use a painkiller that you are familiar with, and which works for you.

Use numbing cream

There are some creams that are formulated with a local anaesthetic. Applying one of these when you are getting the waxing done will go a long way to get rid of the pain associated with the procedure. If you get the waxing done by a high quality cosmetologist, you can ask for these creams. You can also buy them from your local pharmacist or online.

Using distractions

Distracting yourself while getting the bikini wax also goes a long way in reducing or even completely eliminating the pain. The number of ways you can do this simply depends on how creative you are. For instance, you could go get the waxing done in the company of a friend, and you can have a conversation with them while the process is being done.

If you are a fan of music or movies, you can load a few new songs or movies onto your phone or tablet, and then watch them as the waxing is being done. Of course, the fact that the process is usually short means that you might not get through an entire movie in this sitting, but the fact that you will be distracted will help.

Go ahead and try these ideas today

In summary, you should not be afraid of getting waxing done. If you have never done it before, you should not automatically assume that it will be unbearably painful for you; different people have different pain thresholds and you might actually find it to be tolerable. If you have done it before and are afraid of the pain, you can try one or more of these tips to get rid of it. Using more than one method often works better!

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