What is IPL Treatment Perth?

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) uses the latest technology to provide fast, non-invasive hair reduction for most skin types and hair colours.

The advanced IPL hair removal technology we use gives us the flexibility to treat large areas quickly and effectively. IPL treatment times depend on the amount of area being treated and the quantity of hair. Our IPL hair removal technology allows us to treat the most sensitive and delicate areas of the body. Most clients see hair reduction in as little as 4 to 6 treatments but more may be necessary to achieve the IPL hair removal results that our clients desire.

A treatment program

Prior to any IPL treatment, a thorough consultation at the Revive Skin Emporium will be carried out, the cost of the consultation is fully refundable upon your first IPL treatment.

There are a large number of factors that determine the results of your IPL hair removal treatments; color of the skin, hormones, age, metabolism, weight and medication. All of these factors combine to determine your hairs thickness, resilience, and areas of growth.

All IPL hair removal technology is only able to treat hair that is in the Anagen phase, which is the active growing hair. This is the reason that several sessions are necessary to achieve the hair removal results you are looking for. Different parts of the body have varying growth cycles, and therefore require being treated at different intervals.

At your consultation we will tailor your hair removal treatment to your specific needs. We apply all of your information and our knowledge and combine this with the latest technology in order to give you the most effective IPL hair removal treatments so you can achieve your desired look. Our highly trained staff can answer all your questions and offer support.

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