Eye Lash Tint


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If you are looking for a spa that can provide you with a professional eyelash tint in Perth then the Revive Skin Emporium will give you the kind of treatment that will get everyone’s attention.

Having an eyelash tint will enhance the look of your eyes and really help to open up your face. Tinting is particularly effective at providing definition for people with fair eye lashes and eye brows.

One of the benefits of eyelash tinting is that you won’t need make up such as mascara or brow pencils to create impact. Having your eyebrow tinting done at our day spa means that you can simply sit back, relax while one of our experts applies the colours that suit you.

You will find a whole range of eyebrow tinting colours available including classic colours as well as new fashionable options. Either way our staff are always happy to advise on choosing the best colour for you.

We also offer a range of other beauty treatments that will complement your eyelash tints.

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